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Can An Intimate Marriage Actually Help You Maintain Health and Wellness?

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Terry and Kaye Jackson are celebrating 43 years of marriage and ministry together!

Much of that time has been spent learning from the Scriptures the eternal dynamics of genuine love and how to apply those principles to real life situations. Their marriage journey has not been without bumps along the way, but they are here today to share with you what they have learned and how it can enrich your marriage and family relationships. God has given them abundant insight and gifted understanding that can comfort you, encourage you, and equip you to face whatever lies ahead. 

Terry's Health Update

Coming January 2020

The Release of Our New Book

     Beyond Compatibility is a primer for engaged and married couples on the development of genuine love that will last a lifetime. It differs from many marriage books in that it moves past mere compatibility in pursuit of the biblical dynamics of enduring love and three-dimensional intimacy capable of withstanding the changes that life deals us all. Compatibilities preferences,and opinions change with your maturity and the seasons of your life and marriage, but genuine love never fails. Beyond Compatibility shows you how to build a self-perpetuating love that will grow in intimacy and intensity for as long as you both shall live!

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