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The Personal Retreat

​We have done several retreats for individual couples in the past, usually for couples in crisis or experiencing family tragedy or loss. This request was different. It came from three couples, all long time friends and each married for about two years, who wanted a weekend of fellowship, growth in the Lord, and growth in their marriage relationships.

Meet, from left to right, Maria and Zack Record, Rudy and Malone Otwell, and Ana and Ryan Bowers. Zack and Maria are from Kentucky, Rudy and Malone are from Arkansas, and of course you recognize Ryan and Ana as local to the Augusta, Georgia area. Ryan is a former professional football player and the owner or The Athlete training center for rising college and professional sports prospects. Ana Christina is a local television personality and hostess of the weekly television program, The Dish.  

The Personal Retreat Format is simple. We go where you want, when you want, and do whatever you want. In this case a four bedroom vacation home was selected in the Tennessee mountains. Marriage Materials for the weekend were loosely selected based upon the requests of the couples and where they saw themselves in their walk with one another. Prior to the weekend Ryan (who spearheaded this adventure) and I (Terry) met and planned out the weekend dividing our study and discussion time with fun and fellowship time. However, as the retreat progressed, we were able to digress as needed to cover whatever subjects came up and whatever needs arose. Care was taken to allow, not just the introduction of biblical marriage principles, but also ample discussion and application to real life situations. We met as couples and we met separately, men with me and the ladies with Kaye.

One of our most meaningful discussions as couples broke out at breakfast one morning, so the bulk of the morning study just continued around the breakfast table. We are that flexible and so is the format. This is possible due to the small size of the group and the depth of the friendships prior to the retreat. 

In a retreat setting of this type, we find both privacy and support. The freedom to share personal experiences, both good and bad, enhances the entire experience and makes prayer and encouragement possible in a safe environment. 

In addition to all the advantages already mentioned, should a couple have a special need, time can be set aside for personal counsel and encouragement during the weekend.

Logistically this format is pretty simple. In this case Ryan and Ana directed the retreat, securing the facility and supervising the food preparation. Some meals were prepared in the home and others were enjoyed in nearby restaurants. (It didn't hurt that Ana is the host of a local television show that features cooking segments!) With plenty amenities in the area there was no shortage of entertainment available throughout the weekend.  

We stand ready to help you plan and prepare for your Personal Retreat whether it's just for you or for you and your friends. It makes for a very productive weekend and facilitates strong and lasting relationships in ways not possible in a larger group setting. Also, as it was for this retreat, several couples together sharply reduces the financial burden for all of the couples.