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Because Your Family Matters

Adventures In Men's Ministry

If forty years of ministry has taught us anything, it is that strong churches are led by strong men.  Men's discipleship must be a high priority and it must be intentional. God intended for men to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, as iron sharpens iron. LoveQuest is dedicated to challenging men to step up to the plate and skillfully lead their wives and families. As a former family Pastor and current Men's Ministry leader, Terry is experienced in reaching, challenging, and equipping men of all ages to be all God has ordained that they should be.

We believe that genuine men's discipleship is centered in giving men what they need in the surroundings they love. In other words, God has given every man a passion for something: something that really challenges his masculinity. It's not for the church to take them out of that passion, but rather to teach them how to win and disciple other men within that venue.

Terry is an avid outdoors man. Not just fishing and hunting, but also golfing, flying, and racing from the local dirt track all the way to NASCAR. In fact, he is the pastor of a local race team and co-host on a radio talk show that discusses the weekly racing action and events on both the local level and the national level.

Whether it is a monthly men's gathering, a Wild Game Supper, or a conference/retreat, he's right at home sharing his own real life experiences and the corresponding biblical truths he's learned.