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Because Your Family Matters

These are just a few pictures of the many that were taken. The pictures that would really tell the story of what we saw and what this team did are just too gruesome to post. This trip was a lot more than runny noses and parasites. This was trauma in real time. 

​The Port Au Prince, Haiti Earthquake

In 2010 a massive earthquake hit the capital city of Haiti. The Haitian government estimated the death toll to be about 230,000. Within 5 days of the quake we were able to have a medical mission team on the scene through the amazing work of Dr. Kiki Stincer and his wife Holly. We were the first "faith based" team on the scene. The entire medical community rallied around our efforts following an interview aired on WAFJ Christian Radio. Thousands of dollars of medical supplies were donated from the doctors' offices, surgical centers, and burn center at Doctors Hospital. In addition, by the end of our first day of preparation, I had over $20,000 in cash and checks donated by individuals, churches, and area businesses. Delta Airlines even refused to charge us overage fees for the 55 trunks of supplies we took with us.

Every medical professional that went on this trip is a hero of the faith in my mind. They dealt with severe burns, massive soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and a couple of amputations were necessary. We even delivered a baby!