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Because Your Family Matters

Youngest daughter, Katie, is married to Kenny Miles and they reside in Winfield, Georgia on Clark Hill lake. Katie and Kenny have two children. A daughter, Riley, who will one day be the Queen. The fact that the United States has no queen is a matter she will deal with when the time comes. They also have a newborn son, Gunner, our eighth grandchild. Kenny and his dad  own Kenneth Miles Flooring.

Oldest daughter, Britt, lives in Augusta with her son Finley and is the Director of Operations for Shallow Water Blackout Prevention. SWB is a unique phenomenon that is killing both amateur and professional swimmers. She also manages her own Internet Marketing business.

Katie has ministered in Honduras and China while Britt has been to Honduras and Brazil. Libby made a trip to India before becoming the mom of four which occupies her full time now. However, when they are older she plans to resume her mission work.

Mission work has always been a priority in our family and each of the children have served on various short-termed mission teams. Pictured here are Terry, Kaye and Bart in Guatemala. Bart has also done work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti following the earthquake of 2010. He is pictured on the right with Brian Daniels RN. Below Kaye ministers to Chinese refugees displaced from their homes by the earthquake near Chengdu in central China.

Meet The Family

Family has always been a priority for us, even to the point of turning down upwardly mobile church positions to enable us to remain in close proximity to our extended families. We were very blessed to have both sets of grandparents located close to our church field and our desire was for the children to have the benefit of their wisdom and influence. Kaye chose to home school each of our four children so that as parents we could remain the primary influence in their lives for their spiritual and character development. The result has been four wonderful adults who love the Lord and have made their parents very proud of them. Each of them has found a unique area of ministry and service in their respective churches and have a circle of influence in both the secular and sacred world in which they live and work.

Please don't get the wrong impression. We were far from perfect parents and the kids have made their share of foolish choices over the years. However, having discovered a specific pattern or "model" from the Scriptures for child training has enabled us to survive and even gain from the mistakes we made. It has been our privilege over the years to share this biblical model all over the country and see it work for many other parents and families. 

The grand kids are starting to show up now and what a joy that can be! There are nine at the moment, surely with more on the way. We've dedicated this page to introducing them all to you. 

Son, Bart, and his wife Lindi have two children. They live in Martinez, GA and Bart is a foreman for Contey Construction. Lindi is a cosmetologist. Pictures to follow! 

Middle daughter, Libby, is married to Gary Ward and has four children. She is a fitness instructor part time and a mom full time. From left to right: Jack, Madelynn, Anna, and Levi. Gary is a journeyman painter for the Cushman Collision Repair Center in Augusta, GA.