Is There Any Reason LoveQuest Would Choose Not To Do A Wedding?

Yes, there are rare exceptions that would violate the conscience of this ministry and result in a refusal to perform a specific wedding ceremony. First, we do not do a totally secular service. (Secular music and love songs meaningful to the couple are not a problem.) We believe that marriage is an institution designed by God for His purposes and that we should represent those purposes as ministers of the gospel in all that we do. If a couple doesn't believe in God, then they would never be satisfied with the services we perform, and we would be disloyal to the church we represent and serve. Therefore, we believe those ceremonies are best left to other government designated officiants.

Second, we do not perform same sex marriages. Having studied the Scriptures for over 40 years, we have concluded such marriages to be outside the plan and purposes of God.  Though we bear no animosity or ill will and deeply love our friends who have same sex marriages, and we respect their decision to feel and believe differently, we find same sex marriage to be outside our personally established and stated beliefs and conscience here at LoveQuest.

Do I Really Need Premarital Counseling?

Yes! You do. Marriage is a learned art and science. It's a science in that there are universal spiritual laws that govern love and relationships especially one as intimate as marriage. It's an art in that you have to practice to get good at it. The Scriptures state that God is love. To think that you know all there is to know about love is to foolishly assume that you know all there is to know about God.

When sin entered into the race of mankind through the deeds of Adam and Eve, the capacity for intimacy was damaged and the ability to genuinely love was lost. Sin and self would no longer allow that to happen as evidenced by Adam and Eve hiding from one another as they became self-conscious and hiding from God due to guilt and shame. However, God has provided a way for that to be corrected and for a couple to genuinely love one another in a divinely synchronous union. 

In the absence of a knowledge of God's plan, the world has fashioned it's own view and beliefs about love. Apparently they are wrong as at least 50% of all Christ-less marriages fail and few others amount to more than just a peaceful and somehow mutually beneficial co-existence. But there is so much more to marriage as God designed it! So we must learn what the truth is about love and how it can live forever.

I know that it's very difficult to believe that your relationship could ever go wrong. Things are so good right now as you await your wedding day. Just remember that no one who has gone before you and lost their marriage ever thought it could happen to them either.

The person you believe you are marrying does not exist. Just the one they've wanted you to see. Don't worry, this is the way all marriages start. The question is, "What are you going to do with the real person that finally emerges?" The answer is love them like God does into the fullness of Christ. And we all need a little help learning what that looks like!

What It All Costs

           We wish we could provide our services for free, but that’s just not possible. However, we will work with you if that’s a problem. For wedding and counseling services and fees please go to our wedding website:

If fees and honorariums are a problem, talk to us. We are very flexible and we do have scholarships available especially for counseling with demonstrated need.

Why Christian Marriage?

Marriage was designed by God in the Garden of Eden, and it was meant to eventually demonstrate God’s love for His people and their loving response to Him. It is the only model for marriage that affords a three dimensional intimacy that is self perpetuating. In other words, when done correctly it generates a love that grows and regenerates itself while continuing to mature for a lifetime.

Genuine love is essential to all of life. It enables us to function at our highest levels and reach our full potential in life while providing us with feelings of security and well being. However, apart from God who is love, a truly intimate marriage is just not possible.

Most couples get married because they see in their future mate the potential to have all their needs met. Therefore, should there come a time when that is no longer the case, the whole basis for their love is compromised. Christian Marriage provides the solution for that problem and so much more.

We will show you how that works and how you can build a relationship that is both mature and secure.

LoveQuest Basics Premarital Counseling Includes:

· Christian Marriage and Why It’s Different

· The Basic Pillars That Must Be Present For Your Marriage To Grow In Love and Intimacy

· The Key To Great Marriage Communication

· How To Develop A Three Dimensional Intimacy

· How To Discern and Meet Your Mate’s Deepest Love Needs

· How To Maintain Dynamic Romance In Your Marriage

Resolving Conflict At It's Source

· And Much More Along With Continued Support After You Are Married


Your Preparation

             It will be primarily up to you how much premarital counseling and preparation you will do.  Obviously at least one session will be dedicated to planning your service. We highly recommend that you take some time to prepare spiritually and emotionally for your life journey together. If you submit to at least six hours of study, Columbia County will significantly discount your marriage license. (About 50.00)

 Your Wedding

 Here at LoveQuest Inc. we strongly recommend that you acquire a professional wedding coordinator. This person will work with you during your entire planning process and will be sure all goes well on your wedding day.  A good coordinator will be a valuable resource to help you to be prepared in every way for your special day. If you don’t have a coordinator we will be glad to recommend one who meets our high standards and we have worked with successfully in the past.

Your Service

Planning your service is an important step in the preparation process. Modern weddings are reflecting the individuality of the bride and groom more than they ever have before. This makes for a beautifully personal wedding and many unique memories. At the same time you want to understand what and why certain traditional parts of the wedding ceremony have been retained over the years. We are able to brief you on the history behind the traditional wedding ceremony and then help you select which of the more contemporary wedding ceremonies you might want to consider such as unity candles, a sand ceremony, or perhaps the fisherman’s knot ceremony: all of which are potentially beautiful representations being currently used in contemporary weddings. While there are certain parts of the traditional vows that must be maintained, there is plenty of room to personalize your vows as well. We are able to do an entirely traditional ring ceremony or suggest more contemporary vows you might like. Of course you select the music and how much of it you want.

Because Your Family Matters


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Has Your Church Refused to Perform Your Wedding?

Yes, there are churches and pastors that refuse to marry couples for various reasons. The bride may be pregnant, or there may have been a previous marriage by one or both partners, for example. I understand their reasons and have deeply studied the theology behind both of those positions and others. Having done so, I have concluded that the redeeming Blood of Christ is sufficient to cover all our sin and wrongs, both intentional and unintentional, upon willingness and desire for repentance. This I know for certain, it's not up to me to hold you hostage to those things that lie behind, but to direct you to those things, those glorious things reserved for you in the finished work of Jesus Christ, which lie ahead.

We all have a past. In Christ, it does not have to determine our future. LoveQuest is not here to be your accuser, we are here to be your advocate and aid you to find new purpose and direction in your life and marriage.