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Finally! A Marriage Preparation and Marriage Growth Course That Teaches You How To Actually Build and Sustain A Love for A Lifetime

   Beyond Compatibility is a marriage preparation and marriage growth course that introduces and acquaints you with the biblical dynamics of genuine love. This is not a study that discusses foolish compatibility questions on subjects and perspectives that will drastically change in the first years of your marriage. Having a successful marriage is not about compatibility, anyway. It's about learning what genuine love is and how to extend it to your spouse for a lifetime.

     Marriage is about your expanding vision of God and who He is, your conformity to the image of Jesus Christ, and your ability to discern and meet the real needs of another person. Genuine love is the most powerful force on the face of the earth. Not the gushy, feel good, what's in it for me love that the world offers. But the genuine life changing love that God offers... A love that gives you the ability to love your spouse with skill and knowledge that will insure the love of your spouse and the growth of your marriage for a lifetime.

     Here are some of the topics discussed in this life changing study course . . .

Christian Marriage: How It's Different

     What is Christian Marriage? How is it different than non-Christian Marriage? It's far more than just two Christians that are married and go to church together, study together, pray together, etc. Many Christians who do all those things still struggle with their marriages and intimacy will remain illusive. There must be more, and there is!

The Truth About Love

          What is your definition of love? Where did you get it? Couples explain to me regularly, "We still love each other: we're just not 'in love' anymore." Yet the bible clearly states that genuine love never fails and endures all things for a lifetime. So what happened? Obviously some of the dynamics of genuine love that make it enduring are missing from their relationship. You'll learn what those are and how to establish them in your marriage.


Building A Rock Solid Foundation For Your Marriage

           In Matthew 7, Jesus described two identical houses built on different foundations. One was built on the sand, and the other on the rock. When the elements came upon them both, only the one upon the rock survived. I'll teach you what constitutes the rock and how to establish your house (marriage) upon the eternal truths of the Scriptures rather than the sands of human reasoning.


Communicating With Your Mate

         The most skilled communicators are useless if you don't understand the language being spoken. The love languages of men and women are distinctly different. This study goes far beyond the "Five Love Languages" we have heard so much about, as good as they are. (And I definitely recommend that you learn them all!) In this chapter we learn an even more basic language common to all women and all men. 

Resolving Conflict At Its Source

          We all are subject to fear: fear of hurt, fear of loss, fear of rejection, and fear of failure. This fear originated in the Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man and created an innate need to control people and circumstances around us. When we can't, we become angry and unresolved anger leads to bitterness and deeper bondage to a need to control our surroundings. This is the ultimate source of conflict in our lives and marriages. Resolving conflict is a fact of life and resolving it as it arises is a vital necessity for an intimate and secure marriage. In this chapter we learn how to resolve past issues and handle new ones while preserving the unity in your relationship.


Developing Genuine Intimacy In Your Marriage

          Marriage and marital intimacy is not about independence. It's about clearly defined interdependence, a divinely synchronous union that functions in unity as two completely different individuals come together each to compliment the other. This session explains biblical roles in marriage, what they really are apart from the typical stereotypes, and how they work together to form a one-flesh relationship that is three-dimensional and deeper than the ocean is wide!

For Men Only: Learning to Really Understand and Love Your Wife

          She's beautiful and she's complicated, but she can be understood. If it were not so, Peter would never have exhorted men to love their wives in that way. (1 Peter 3:7) That said, realize that she's a woman, not a man. She doesn't think like a man or even process thoughts like we do. So we must learn how to embrace her as a woman, within her unique strengths and weaknesses, and according to her basic and special needs. This chapter is not a comprehensive course by any means, but it is enough to get you started on a fascinating journey. 

For Women Only: Learning to Really Understand and Love Your Husband

          Have you ever wondered why it's mentioned in Proverbs 31 that the husband of the virtuous wife is seated in the gates of the city? The implication is that she put him there. Your man has the ability to be a great man of God, a great husband, and a great dad. But only if you understand how he thinks and functions and become a real part of what God is doing in his life. You must be willing and even skilled at allowing him to be a man. He can't just be integrated into your feminine lifestyle. Understanding your husband allows you to appreciate his innate masculine qualities and benefit from them. This chapter will help you understand how he thinks and how he loves and will enable you to be a part of his growth as a man, a husband, and a dad.

And Much More! 

This course is currently available to couples requesting premarital counseling. It is also available for purchase in paper back or through electronic download for your Kindle, Nook, or ipad from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Apple iTunes.

As you prepare for your marriage, the excitement of beginning your life together makes it hard to imagine a time when you'd no longer want to be married. Yet nearly half of those who begin marriages find that they are unable to achieve and sustain their marriage for a lifetime.​ Couples who have their marriage fail are not unusually incapable in any way. The truth is that a genuine love that lasts for all of time is a learned skill, and few that are that ever learn the dynamics of love that never fails.

Beyond Compatibility

Biblical Preparation and Growth For Your Marriage