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     Many couples have discovered the relaxing effect kissing and cuddling has on the release of oxytocin in their bodies. Oxytocin (also known as the cuddle hormone) is a hormone that has many different functions. Most familiar to the non-medical public is the ability to decrease anxiety and depression laying aside fear and worry in favor of trust and bonding. A cuddling and kissing session at the end of your day can relax and comfort you allowing a more restful sleep. And there's more! Research published in 2015 in Current Pharmaceutical Design states that oxytocin has analgesic properties as well. This means that your aches and pains of the day can be soothed just by kissing and cuddling your mate at bedtime. So, forget the sleep aid. A little cuddle time is all your really need!​​​

     Now it has been learned that there are other health benefits to be gained from your mate's kiss. ​A study done in 2006 and published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research indicates that a thirty minute kissing session with your spouse can reduce allergy symptoms in people with mild seasonal allergies. 

     It get's even better! Have you had a difficult day? Kissing reduces cortisol in your body. Now if the TV info commercials are correct, cortisol is responsible for the formation of belly fat. So guys, kiss your wife and get your six pack back!

It's True !!

Research has shown that kissing your spouse can actually boost your health. 

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